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There is a Public Health Crisis Occurring on our Campuses. 


National statistics repeatedly show that 1 in 10 students will be sexually assaulted in college, with rates even higher among students of intersecting marginalized identities. Sexual violence is more prevalent in college than any other crime. 


Even more concerning, however: Less than a quarter of students believe they are knowledgeable about school resources available to them in the event of sexual violence. 


Why are we not taking wide-spread, comprehensive, proactive action addressing sexual violence, ensuring survivor safety, and protecting all students?

The Every Voice Coalition works to pass legislation on the state level to address campus sexual violence and build a movement of the voices who should be loudest in this fight: students.

New Mexico Students Need HB 151!

HB 151 will better support survivors on college campuses by requiring that universities adopt trauma informed policies and partner with local rape crisis centers. It will also educate ALL students about affirmative consent and about all of their options as they seek justice and healing.


HB 151 is about transforming campus cultures to better support survivors and preventing violence before it happens!


We support HB 151 and ask that it is heard as soon as possible.


By signing my name to this letter, I am asking the Senate Judiciary Committee to schedule and pass HB 151 and for the Senate to vote YES on HB 151!

NM Students Deserve Safer Campuses!

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