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Affirmative consent is the voluntary, affirmative, conscious consent to sexual activity that can be reversed by the consenting party at any time. 


By simply adding this definition to our 8-12 health curriculum standards we can help support students and educators in teaching, learning and affirming that only “yes means yes” when it comes to sex. 


What we know: The most effective way to prevent sexual violence is to stop it before it happens. This requires a culture change; an environment that we can create together by giving students the opportunity to learn about affirmative consent as young adults. Teaching affirmative consent provides invaluable skills for students, helping them with critical communication foundations and navigating their personal boundaries. 


Affirmative consent is a non-partisan issue. The bill nearly cleared the finish line in the 2019 legislative session with overwhelming support from both parties. It’s a simple addition to the health curriculum, adding affirmative consent to a list of other life-preserving topics.


In a legislative session focused on “crime” adding preventative measures is key and changing the culture around affirmative consent starts early.  


By signing my name to this petition, I ask the Governor to stand strong in her commitment to health education and crime prevention for our students by adding affirmative consent to the 2022 legislative session.


Thanks for submitting!

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