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What HB 151 Does
  • Prevents sexual assault

  • Teaches college students consent

  • Creates training for staff

  • Maintains 52 year old Title IX protections

  • Provides resources to survivors

  • Makes campuses safer

  • Increases public safety

This bill is about transforming campus cultures to end sexual violence!


  • Requires trauma-informed policies and responses by post-secondary educational institutions that receive state funds.

  • Creates partnerships between Universities and local rape crisis centers to provide survivors with free access to counseling, medical, and legal services.

  • Protects survivors and bystanders from punishment if the school’s student code of conduct was broken at or near the incidence of sexual violence.


  • Working to ensuring all parties feel safe, supported, and empowered.

  • Creating an environment conscious of the different cultural, historical, and gender perspectives impacting how students react.

  • Policies that are inclusive of the impacts of trauma and its affects on a person's physical, emotional, or psychological response.

campus survivors
need support now!

NM is one of the top 10 states in the nation for rates of sexual assaults.[1]


of undergraduate women


of undergraduate



of trans, genderqueer, gender non conforming college students

have been sexually assaulted[2]

Hazing and sexual violence create campus cultures of silence and fear which destroy the lives and futures of NM students.


We need a long term investment in transforming campus cultures to support survivors and prevent violence before it happens!

[1] FBI, Crime in the United States, by Region, Geographic Division, and State (2017–2018)

[2] Cantor, et. al. Association of American Universities, Report on the AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct (2020).


HB151 Does Not
  • Create new crimes

  • Suppress victim reporting

  • Prevent reporting to law enforcement

  • Interfere with existing protection

  • Undermine the 52 year old Title IX process
  • Create liability

This bill is about changing campus culture and ensuring survivors are supported at all stages.

HB 151 is endorsed by

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Equality New Mexico Logo
New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Logo
Together For Brothers Logo
Southwest Womens Law Center Logo
Girls Inc. of Santa Fe
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Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
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